EmbieRacing Carbon Chassis Rebuild Kit for Tamiya XV01 – ALLinONE

Have you thaught about having your Tamiya XV01 as a rear wheel drive? But you don’t want to buy special kit for this purpose? All in One EmbieRacing kit for Tamiya XV01 is exactly for you!

What means All in One kit? It means you are able to use this kit in all configurations you can think about:

  • Standard front motor – 4WD
    Standard front motor – FWD
    Rear motor facing rearwards – 4WD
    Rear motor facing rearwards – RWD
    Rear motor facing forward – RWD

Multiple servo position options, multiple battery position and holders (sold separately) options, in front motor configurations possible to use standard ER mudguard holders. Some of options/holders can be used only in some configuration.

With this kit, you can enjoy all the features of EmbieRacing XV01 Standard kit, but many more too!

Widely used especially (but not only) by RC Rally drivers. With top servo position it provides smoother steering without stucking rocks, wider steering angle possibility and better steering geometry. Touring car drivers can use original steering rack with original servo position – all of that in one kit. Kit provides better weight distribution, you can choose from different battery positions with additional battery holder (sold separately). Lower chassis is cutted under arms for better clearance, but downstops are still ready to use (for even higher clearance you can grind the edges of chassis). This kit is completely plug and play, no additional upgrades needed!


  • holder sold separately, some of options not possible to use in exact configurations
  • REAR TRANSVERSE POSITION: Weight of battery at the end of the chassis. Battery holder can be chosen for normal sized or shorty LiPo.
  • LONGITUDINAL ON AXIS POSITION: Battery at the centre line of chassis. Fixing holes for both standard size and shorty LiPo. When using standard size battery, only top mounted servo position can be used. Timing belt can collide with battery connetor on some cases.
  • REAR LONGITUDINAL ECCENTRIC – Similar to previous, but battery holder is eccentric, so top deck does not interfere with battery connectors. Both standard size and shorty LiPo can be used. This one is not recommended for ALLinONE kit, because of different Top Deck in comparison with Standard kit.



  • some of the options not possible to use in exact configurations
  • TOP SERVO POSITION: servo mounted at the top deck with servo arm and steering arms extension. Used for RC rallying. This options gives you possibility to use maximum steering angle. Ackerman angle (steering angle of outer wheel in corner) is increased.
  • ORIGINAL SERVO POSITION: position of servo as „from the box“. Extendors of servo and steering arms not used. Recommended to raise original steering rack with washers. Collision between top deck and servo arm may occur, depends on steering arm length.
  • MIDDLE SERVO POSITION: similar to original servo position, but servo is way closer to chassis centre line, giving you better weight balance. Extendors of servo and steering arms not used. Recommended to raise original steering rack with washers.

Lower main chassis
Upper top deck – 2 pieces
Servo arm extension for top mounted servo option
Steering arms extensions for top mounted servo option

Shock towers (check also adjustable shock towers to fit all rally dampers)
Battery holder
Mudguard holders
Screws etc

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Material: High quality carbon fibre composite, 2,5 mm thick