Tamiya XV01 All In One Prototype

 Let me quickly show you first prototype of
Tamiya XV01 ALL IN ONE Kit by EmbieRacing! 🧐👍👇

ℹ️More information:
Months ago I had the idea to create XV01 RWD kit.
Few days back I finally started working on this project
and after some work I realised, that with certain
modifications I can manage to create one kit with all
these features:
– 4WD XV01 with front motor (standard)
– 4WD XV01 with rear motor
– RWD XV01 with rear motor position facing rearwards
– RWD XV01 with rear motor position facing frontwards
– FWD XV01 with front motor (yes, this is standard XV
01, but just to complete the list 🤣).
All of this I was able to achieve by creating doubled
diferential case holes on lower chassis and top deck
mounted from two parts.

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