Welcome to EmbieRacing! EmbieRacing is brand of products developed by remote controlled cars and technology enthusiast with name initials MB (how creative!). My biggest passion is RC rallying and therefore I’m offering many RC rally upgrades, most of them I developed for myself to have better results in races. But not all the parts by ER are made for rallying. For example front motor chassis upgrades are widely used by touring car racers as this rebuild provides excellent steering for 4WD or is great for 2WD rebuilds. All the parts you can get from myself I’m producing on my own CNC machine from good quality carbon fibre. With my upgrades I was able to achieve several great results, for example I’m twice (years 2018, 2019) winner of our local championship RC Tabor or winner of race of Czech National RC Rally Championship. My products in hands of other racers are achieving great results all over the world. For more information, photos or new products please follow my FB page.