6. RDO RC Rally Křemže and new Xray T3ER19 Concept

In 6th RDO RC Rally Křemže Michal Bouchner raced with his modified Xray TER19. Big difference between T3ER19 concept and usuall one is that all the components including electrical motor are moved forward closer to front of the chassis. Also short LiPo is used. This modifications are putting more weight to the front wheels and also moment of inertia is lower, because components are at smaller space. This results into high agility of the car, it’s speed in the corners increased but the stability in higher speeds and faster passages remained the same. Michal ran in six of nine stages not best tyres he could, but still he won most of stages. In remaining three stages Michal used ARP Rally Block tyres and times were even better. Overall fist place and really good feeling of new chassis concept.

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